Website Redesigning

Your Existing Presence

If you already have a website, you already have a color scheme and content. The first step in the website redesign process is figuring out how much (if any) of your current branding you want to keep on your new site. Some clients want to keep the same basic layout and just update the look, others want to scrap the whole aesthetic and start again fresh.

Usually it's necessary, even if you just want some aesthetic updates, to re-code the site. Most old websites were built using coding standards that are severely outdated and cause major problems displaying on modern technology, especially mobile devices.

For example, HTML tables used to be a staple of web design, but now using tables is redundant and causes formatting problems on newer browsers.

With a modern look and modern coding your website will look great and work splendidly for years to come.

Search Engine Reputation

If your site has been around for a little while, you already have some trust in the eyes of the search engines. We will want to preserve as much of that reputation as we can with your new site.

If you decide to go with our SEO package, we'll make sure that you don't lose any of your current rankings by:

Preserving page names
Redirecting old pages with external links
Optimizing new pages

You can easily boost your search engine traffic with a website redesign. A new website with clean coding is much easier for search engines to understand.

Renovation Rate

Most of our customers see an increased conversion rate after a website redesign. There's a couple reasons for this that are built into our design process:

Better looking site
More usable site architecture
Contact form with fewer fields

Our internet marketers can help increase your conversion rate even more post-launch, but expect to see a few more contact forms rolling in on account of a website redesign