Website Designing

Dazzling Aesthetics

If you have idea for your business we will make it in real, we are professional web designers and developers with years of experience in design and developing we present our prabhu-dhan site to make your business future bright.

We want your website to knock your visitors' socks off.

It's not that difficult or expensive to build really beautiful websites anymore, as long as you know what you're doing. We have over a decade of combined experience designing for the web, and we keep up to date on the latest design trends to make sure your new website is visually appealing and built using modern methods.

But it can't just be pretty to you, or us. It needs to speak to the needs of people researching your business so that they will feel comfortable contacting you to become a customer. We make sure this happens through the use of demographic-specific color schemes, page layouts, and text styles.

If your target market is 55+, we'll use larger than normal text. For middle-aged women, it's light colors and a lot of white. Luxury customers get serif fonts and deep reds and purples.

Tying all these design elements together to form one cohesive site is our specialty.

Full Browser Compliance

Print ads, billboards, and TV commercials look the same no matter who's looking at them. Websites, on the other hand, differ tremendously depending on what medium you're using to look at them.

Every different web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Safari, Opera) uses a different method to display webpages. A page that's formatted perfectly in Firefox can look like a Picasso painting in IE7. If your website doesn't accomodate every browser with clean code, a good chunk of your visitors will have a bad experience.

We test every site we make across every major browser and operating system before we launch it. Which means that your site will look the same on your old laptop as it does on the one you're on right now

Excellent Usability

Confusion is the number 1 reason people leave websites. If your website's architecture makes it hard for people to find the information they need they'll go to your competitors. Pure and simple.

You can get to every page on our websites in a maximum of 2 clicks. Making it as easy as possible for people to click around and get to know your business will mean more customers and a greater brand exposure.

And you won't lose customers to your competition.