Content Management Systems

Easy control

If you've ever tried to edit a webpage without HTML knowledge before, you know how difficult it can be. Nobody wants to try to figure out what all those tags mean just to change a couple words.

A content management system from Prabhu Dhan Web Soltion takes care of all of that for you. With our CMS solution, editing page content is as easy as editing a document in Word. You simply log in to the CMS, go to the page, select the content you want to change, and change it in a pop-up window. All the familiar buttons (bold, underline, italics, etc) are there. You format it just the way you want it, and the CMS translates it into HTML.

No programming to learn, no complicated back-end to master. It's point-and-click website editing.

You Can't Break Things

The beauty of using a CMS is that you can't break anything. The layout, color scheme, and formatting of every page is locked. Which means the CMS protects the page structure, only letting your team edit the content itself.

The worst thing that can happen is a poor color choice. Nobody can destroy the look of your site with our CMS.

Not even you!

Lower Preservation Costs

An upfront investment in a CMS saves you maintenance costs down the road.

When we build your site with a CMS and teach your team how to use it, you can handle 85% of the website maintenance in-house at no charge. Text changes, page creation, even simple image insertions are all easy to do with a content management system.

Of course we'll still be available to support if you need more drastic changes (like a new section of the site or a new page template). You can get discounted rates through our website maintenance plans.

But your team will be able to handle daily updates and changes if we install a CMS on your site.