E-mail Marketing

Target Your Best Prospects

Many times marketers become obsessed with finding new business, new customers, new markets. What about the business you already have?

The people on your mailing lists are familiar with your brand and business, and most likely have talked with an employee of yours in the past. A non-spammy email in their inbox keeps your company fresh in their minds..

And if you offer something of value to them (like a giveaway, special sale, or promotion) they will be much more likely to click through to your site.

Don't Break the Bank

Email marketing is ridiculously cost effective. As in about $200 to reach 2,000 people cost effective. Compare that with direct mail, and email marketing is a no-brainer.

You have no printing costs, no postage costs, and no labor costs to handle incoming mail. Email marketing slashes overhead tremendously, and can reduce your cost-per-lead by hundreds of dollars.

So you can the same amount of people for less cost, and spend the money you save on finding even more customers.

Enjoy Customized Designs and Reports

You've got a few options with email marketing at Prabhu Dhan Web Solution: do-it-yourself, let us handle it, or a combination.

Most of our clients choose the combination. Many like having control over the content and leave the design to us. Some give us an idea of what they'd like to say and we write the copy, make the design, and manage the contact list. It all depends on how you'd like to approach it.

No matter what you choose, our proprietary email marketing software makes it a breeze to see how well your campaigns are doing. You can view a list of the addressees who opened the email, those that clicked through to your site, and those that bounced.

Our email marketing software manages your subscriber list as well. So anytime a person unsubscribes, their name is automatically removed from the database.

Give us a shot, you'll be blown away by the results.