Search Engine Optimization

Elevated Rankings

Search engines don't usually understand your web site. Search engine confusion means low rankings; high rankings only happen when your site speaks their language.

They can get a cursory idea of what a site's about on their own, but astronomical rankings come from spoon-feeding search engine crawlers the data they crave.

Prabhu Dhan Web Solution speaks search-enginese. We make sure that when a search engine spider looks at your content all of the keywords are in the right places, everything's formatted correctly, and that there's nothing spammy.

And high rankings follow immediately.

More Traffic

But high rankings aren't the final goal: more sales are. That comes from more traffic.

By optimizing for the least-competitive, highest-searched, and most-targeted keywords we make sure that your website visitors are qualified, motivated, and ready-to-buy.

We configure your site structure, website coding, web server, and linkbuilding strategy to tell the search engines that your site is an important resource on your topic.

So Google feels comfortable referring their users to your site.

Market Growth

With SEO you can unintentionally expand your market.

If you're at the top of the search engines for a ton of industry terms, you'll get leads from all over the globe. Seriously.

This is a great problem to have. It can turn your local company into an international distributor virtually overnight.

Are you ready for all that extra business?