Flash Design

Flash Websites

Because of the search engines' difficulty in indexing and ranking flash content, a flash website is not for everyone. Some types of businesses that would benefit from a completley flash website though, are:

Consumer products with established brands
Entertainment: musicians, movies, actors, etc.
Any well-established company that cannot gain new business from the web

All of the above businesses can afford not to build an SEO-friendly site because they have little chance of conducting business or winning new customers. No one will buy a bottle of Coke online, and no upcoming artist has a chance to rank for “new music” anyway.

A flash website is about interaction and brand lift. These are extremely important to the business models of the above companies, but not so true for everyone else.

Flash Headers

On the other hand, a well-designed flash header is a best practice for many websites.

A moving and interactive flash header can spruce up the look and feel of your site and offer your visitors an easy way to click through to your products and services.

Because the rest of your site content is contained in regular HTML and is crawlable by search engines, the only thing limiting the content of your flash header is your imagination!

Flash Presentations

Say you have a monster sales meeting with your biggest potential client ever next month. Would you really want to bring a rusty old boring PowerPoint presentation

Use a Flash presentation from Prabhu Dhan web solution instead

You give us the things you want to communicate (numbers, benefits, prices, etc) and an idea of what you'd like your presentation to look like and we'll go to work. You'll be there throughout every step of the process to let us know we're on the right track.

Once we're done you can blow away the other bidders with a professionally designed, custom flash sales presentation that separates you from everyone else.